Who We Are

Paddle Board Outfitters exists to sell a product that delivers performance & emphasizes style.  We design, engineer & produce our own paddle boards & paddles & offer free delivery to all our Rentals.  We supply rentals to Whitefish, Kalispell, Bigfork, Somers & Lakeside Montana.

Chris Hogan - owner

The vision for this company started in 2012 while living in Hawaii for a couple years.  I worked at a shop that taught me the ancient Hawaiian tradition of this growing sport.  I believe strongly in the product we sell and know that our boards are in a class of their own.  

I have had the pleasure of trying many boards that are on the market and 90% of them fail to give you the customer the performance that this sport was created with. If your board is heavy and awkward to maneuver then I suggest trying a board that has performance in mind in every aspect.   

Our Philosophy

We exist to bring the customer a product of quality & performance with the emphasis on giving back to others.  This is why we have chosen to partner with Love Has Come.

While this world emphasizes on taking, we want to emphasize on giving back.  To Love is to give without expecting anything in return & it starts with the unloved children that don't have a home.

For more information about this non-profit select  | www.lovehascome.com |

Our Style

Our SUP boards are in a class of their own. They are tested in every water condition this amazing world can throw at us. We believe so strongly in our product that we will take the time to explain to you each and every board and what that SUP boards purpose is.  Each paddle board has a unique design and purpose and we want to make sure we take the time to sell you the right paddle board.

So it starts with you having to know what your experience is and what you are intending to do with your SUP.    We value our customers and understand without you we can’t do what we love.  





Ashley will be returning to work with us again this summer as a second year employee. She will be helping with checking you in at the kiosk and launching you on our kayaks and sup’s. Some of her favorite things to do are hiking, boat surfing, hanging out with friends, traveling and running. She loves eating salmon and is currently attending Montana State University studying Business Marketing.



Colton is in his first year working for us. He will be overseeing maintenance on motorized equipment along with keeping everything clean and ready for our customers. Some of Colton’s favorite things to do are wake boarding, wake surfing and fishing. He loves eating pizza and currently is going to be a senior at Bigfork High School.



Avril is in her first year working for us. She will be helping in all areas of our business. Some of the things she loves are dogs, the sun, swimming, boating, skiing and trail running. She is heading into her sophomore year at Montana State University. As of right now, her major is undeclared. Avril’s favorite food is sushi and anything that contains carbs.



Ava will be returning to work with us again this summer as a second year employee. She will be doing a little bit of everything with us this summer. She loves to play volleyball, hang out with family and friends. Her favorite food is mac n cheese and watermelon is her favorite fruit. She will be a Junior at Flathead High School.




Jessica will be in her first year working for us. She will be doing a little bit of everything. Her favorite things to do are hiking, boating in the summer, skiing in the winter. She is currently studying elementary education at Montana State University. Her favorite foods are raspberries and chocolate.



Our Mission

    Paddle Board Outfitters is a company that intends on making every moment of your time on the water to be relaxing but also teach you how you can use this sport to exercise your core by eliminating the joint pains that you would receive in many other sports.   We strive to teach you not only the basics of this Ancient Hawaiian Tradition of Stand Up Paddle Boarding, but enable you to take your board to lakes or rivers where no other paddle board has gone.