Outrigger Canoe Club

Join the Team or Rent hourly

Team Qualifications:  You must be 18 years of age.  All team members will complete a flotation test that involves treading water, rolling canoe & swimming.  These Tests will be every the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month beginning in May. 


Commitment:  We are wanting a 5 month commitment out of all team members.  If joining late, we will assign you team as teammates become available.  Canoe racing will start May 15th and end October 15th.

3 Man Team:   Each team will be assigned a Captain by Paddle Board Outfitters.  The 2 other teammates can be chosen by the Captain or assigned by Paddle Board Outfitters.  Once team is chosen or assigned they need to complete the full 5 months together.  We want each team to build friendships, team work, core strength & endurance so that each team will be fully conditioned to work together to compete against the other PBO teams.  This race is a time trial race that will take place at end of September. 

Qualifications for a Captain:  Patient, a Leader, a Teacher, Teachable & Driven.

Fees:  $70/ month per adult.  $150/ month for couples.  This membership entitles you to participate in a 3 man canoe team 2 times a week.  So a total of 8 times a month.  Allotted time for each canoe session is 1 hour.  Each team will be assigned a Team Name and will have to communicate with PBO as to the 2 hours a week that they wish to use the Canoe.  All communication will be done through Facebook via your Team Name.  

$110/ month will allow you to use canoe & take out an SUP during PBO business hours for an hour each week.