Paddle Board Outfitters exists to sell a product that delivers performance & emphasizes style.  We design, enginer & produce our own paddle boards & paddles & offer free delivery to all our Rentals.  We supply rentals to Whitefish, Kalispell, Bigfork, Somers & Lakeside Montana.


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Paddle Board Outfitters exists to provide people with fun on the water. We started out making paddle boards and have evolved into providing a full customer service of rentals at our location in Somers, Montana. Every year we have added inventory and in November, 2019 we are launching a new location in Kailua Kona, HI. This location will exist to serve customers that don’t want the hassle of driving to pick up rentals. We offer a free delivery and pick up service at both of our locations.

Somers, MT

We are at the North End of Flathead Lake in Somers Bay. We have operated here as a business at this location for 7 years now. We rent out paddle boards, kayaks, boats and wave runners. So enjoy your vacation and let us serve you. Check out our Somers page for details on all inventory available.


Kailua Kona, HI

In Kona, we offer a mobile service where we deliver and pick up for free on all inventory. Our mindset in this location is to keep life simple for our customers and let us do all the driving. We bring the fun to you and keep your vacation relaxing instead of trying to find the gear you need. Check out our Kailua Kona page for details on all inventory available.

If you are visiting the Flathead Valley make sure to stop in at our dock in Somers Bay. If you are visiting Kailua Kona then make sure to call us or book online. We make vacations easy and relaxing. We enjoy spending time with people passing through. Our employees are amazing and are extremely helpful! We take pride in providing the best service. Just look at our reviews on Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor & our Facebook page. We also highly recommend making reservations ahead of time.

Our Flathead Racer with it's patented fin design was put to the test against competition against another fast Racer.  We went down wind surfing across Flathead Lake.  All boards float, and they might even look good, but not all boards perform.  This is why we do both - Style & Performance. 

There are 4 important steps to making a great board    

  1. SHAPE - It determines how it travels through choppy water, calm water & swells.  Proper shape equates to speed & ease of travel through all of these water conditions.  Beauty and color on a board is nice but it only takes you as far as a beautiful sports car that has no engine.  It has to have functionality.

  2.  DISPLACEMENT - is what the board does when traveling through the water.  Nose shape is what leads the travel of the board.  The Hull determines how the water travels under the board creating the least amount of drag.  The Tail is extremely important in the travel of the board.  Our Flathead Racer has a thin, square tail which provides just enough push from swells giving you a longer swell ride which equates to a lot of fun as you will see in the video.  The tail provides stability in the ride along with the width of the board.

  3. VOLUME - is what the board can handle in weight.  

  4. WEIGHT - of board is also very important. Just like every other sport. You want your product as light as possible. For both transporting and performance. A light board increases your take off speed and allows you to maneuver your board to your destination easier.